Elementary Guide to Literary Criticism by F.V.N. Painter

Author: F.V.N. Painter
Published: 1903
Language: English
Wordcount: 51,463 / 165 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 63.5
LoC Category: PN

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Genre: Criticism

is evidently unjust to demand in writers of an uncultivated period the same delicacy of thought, feeling, and expression that is required in the writers of an age of refinement and intelligence. The indecencies in Chaucer and Shakespeare are to be attributed to the grossness of their times.

+14. The Artistic Element.+ There is an artistic element in literature upon which the value of any work largely depends. There is art in the choice and marshaling of words. Furthermore, every department of literature–history, poetry, fiction–has a separate and definite purpose. In the successful realization of this purpose each species or form of literature must wisely choose its means. This conscious and intelligent adaptation of a means to an end is art. Apart from the careful selection and arrangement of words in sentences, the historian chooses the incidents he will relate, the order in which they will appear, the relative prominence they will have, and the symmetry and completeness of his whole work. The nove

Poets of the South by F.V.N. Painter

Author: F.V.N. Painter
Language: English
Wordcount: 47,209 / 152 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 60.4
LoC Category: PN

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Genres: Poetry, Criticism

ng from the spell of years.
The dayspring!–see–’tis brightening in the heavens!
The watchmen of the night have caught the sign—-
From tower to tower the signal fires flash free—-
And the deep watchword, like the rush of seas
That heralds the volcano’s bursting flame,
Is sounding o’er the earth. Bright years of hope
And life are on the wing.–Yon glorious bow
Of Freedom, bended by the hand of God,
Is spanning Time’s dark surges. Its high arch,
A type of love and mercy on the cloud,
Tells that the many storms of human life
Will pass in silence, and the sinking waves,
Gathering the forms of glory and of peace,
Reflect the undimmed brightness of the Heaven.”

WILLIAM GILMORE SIMMS (1806-1870), a native of Charleston, was a man of remarkable versatility. He made up for his lack of collegiate training by private study and wide experience. He early gave up law for literature, and during his long and tireless literary caree

Preface to Shakespeare by Samuel Johnson

Author: Samuel Johnson
Published: 1765
Language: English
Wordcount: 22,629 / 73 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 33
LoC Category: PN

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Genres: Criticism, Drama

h ended happily to the principal persons, however serious or distressful through its intermediate incidents, in their opinion constituted a comedy. This idea of a comedy continued long amongst us, and plays were written, which, by changing the catastrophe, were tragedies to-day and comedies to-morrow.

Tragedy was not in those times a poem of more general dignity or elevation than comedy; it required only a calamitous conclusion, with which the common criticism of that age was satisfied, whatever lighter pleasure it afforded in its progress.

History was a series of actions, with no other than chronological succession, independent of each other, and without any tendency to introduce or regulate the conclusion. It is not always very nicely distinguished from tragedy. There is not much nearer approach to unity of action in the tragedy of “Antony and Cleopatra”, than in the history of “Richard the Second”. But a history might be continued through many plays; as it had no plan, it had no limits.

Through al

Edgar Allan Poe by Hanns Heinz Ewers

Author: Hanns Heinz Ewers
Published: 1905
Language: German
Wordcount: 12,752 / 49 pg
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Genre: Criticism

wusstseins hinauszuführen. Gelingt es jemand, in diesem »Jenseits« irgendwo festen Fuss zu fassen, das Metaphysische in etwas Positives umzuwerten, so schafft er einen neuen Kunstwert, ist, im edelsten Sinne, +ein Künstler+.

Vielleicht ist hier nötig, die Binsenweisheit zu betonen, dass nie natürlich von einem Schaffen im +Rausche selbst+ die Rede sein kann?! Oder die andere, dass kein Rauschmittel der Welt aus einem Menschen etwas heraus zu holen vermag, das nicht in ihm steckt?! Die Griswolds und Ingrams mögen noch soviel Wein trinken, noch soviel Opium rauchen, noch soviel Haschisch essen, sie werden doch nimmermehr Kunstwerte schaffen! — — +Aber+: der durch Narkotica bewirkte Rausch ist unter Umständen — — neben andern Ursachen — geeignet, irgendwann später eine Ekstase hervorzurufen. Und: +in dieser Ekstase leistet jeder Mensch das Höchste, was seine Intelligenz überhaupt zu leisten imstande ist+.

* * *

El Superhombre by Juan Valera

Author: Juan Valera
Published: 1903
Language: Spanish
Wordcount: 90,141 / 275 pg
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Genres: Short Story Collection, Criticism

menaje de mi admiración, poniendo sobre todos a Renán como prosista, y a Víctor Hugo como poeta.

A veces he censurado yo en Víctor Hugo no pocas extravagancias, pomposidades y relumbrones falsos y de mal gusto, pero, a pesar de estos defectos, que yo noto para que no se me acuse de idolatría, siempre me he complacido en reconocer y confesar que por lo fecundo e impetuoso de su abundante vena, por su maravillosa fantasía y por su destreza magistral en el manejo de la lengua, del metro y de la rima, Víctor Hugo es, si no el primero, uno de los mayores líricos y épicos de nuestro siglo, rico en poetas más acaso que ningún otro de los siglos pasados. Dentro del período que abarca la vida de Víctor Hugo conviene no olvidar que en las naciones cultas de Europa, en alguna de América y en la misma Francia, el autor de los Cantos del crepúsculo ha tenido rivales que, si por la fecundidad no le vence

Confessions and Criticisms by Julian Hawthorne

Author: Julian Hawthorne
Language: English
Wordcount: 53,896 / 160 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 53.5
LoC Category: PN

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Genre: Criticism

that any substitute for a purely spiritual religion is fatal, and, sooner or later, reveals its rottenness.

This seemed good enough for a beginning; but, when I woke up, I was not long in perceiving that it would require various modifications before being suitable for a novel; and the first modifications must be in the way of rendering the plot plausible. What sort of a man, for example, must the hero be to fall into and remain in such an error regarding the character of the heroine? He must, I concluded, be a person of great simplicity and honesty of character, with a strong tinge of ideality and imagination, and with little or no education.

These considerations indicated a person destitute of known parentage, and growing up more or less apart from civilization, but possessing by nature an artistic or poetic temperament. Fore-glimpses of the further development of the story led me to make him the child of a wealthy English nobleman, but born in a remote New England village. His artistic proclivities m

Poets and Dreamers by Lady Gregory

Author: Lady Gregory
Published: 1903
Language: English
Wordcount: 69,144 / 183 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 75
LoC Category: PN

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Genre: Criticism

e people can repeat it, or a part of it, and some possess it in manuscript. The bush, a forerunner of the ‘Talking Oak’ or the ‘Father of the Forest,’ gives its recollections, which go back to the times of the Firbolgs, the Tuatha De Danaan, ‘without heart, without humanity’; the Sons of the Gael; the heroic Fianna, who ‘would never put more than one man to fight against one’; Cuchulain ‘of the Grey Sword, that broke every gap’; till at last it comes to ‘O’Rourke’s wife that brought a blow to Ireland’: for it was on her account the English were first called in. Then come the crimes of the English, made redder by the crime of Martin Luther. Henry VIII ‘turned his back on God and denied his first wife.’ Elizabeth ‘routed the bishops and the Irish Church. James and Charles laid sharp scourges on Ireland…. Then Cromwell and his hosts swept through Ireland, cutting before him all he could. He gave estates and lands to Cromwellians, and he put those that had a right to them on mountains.’ Whenever he brings histo

Early Reviews of English Poets by John Louis Haney

Author: John Louis Haney
Published: 1904
Language: English
Wordcount: 78,190 / 246 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 42.3
LoC Category: PN

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Genre: Criticism

s was marked by the publication, on May 1, 1749, of the first number of the Monthly Review, destined to continue through ninety-six years of varying fortune and to reach its 249th volume. It bore the subtitle: A Periodical Work giving an Account, with Proper Abstracts of, and Extracts from, the New Books, Pamphlets, etc., as they come out. By Several Hands. The publisher was Ralph Griffiths, who continued to manage the review until his death in 1803. It seems remarkable that this periodical which set the norm for half a century should have appeared not only without preface or advertisement, but likewise without patronage or support of any kind. From the first it reviewed poetry, fiction and drama as well as the customary classes of applied literature, and thus appealed primarily to the public rather than, like most of its predecessors, to the learned. Its politics were Whig and its theology Non-conformist. Griffiths was not successful at first, but determined to achieve popularity by enlisti