Foul Play by Dion Boucicault

Author: Dion Boucicault (Dionysius Lardner Boursiquot)
Co-author: Charles Reade
Language: English
Wordcount: 155,579 / 446 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 55.6
LoC Category: PN

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Genres: Mystery/Detective, Thriller

invariable custom of the house; and sat in a dead silence, that seemed natural to the great sober room.

This, however, was not for want of a topic; on the contrary, they had a matter of great importance to discuss, and in fact this was why they dined tete-a-tete. But their tongues were tied for the present; in the first place, there stood in the middle of the table an epergne, the size of a Putney laurel-tree; neither Wardlaw could well see the other, without craning out his neck like a rifleman from behind his tree; and then there were three live suppressors of confidential intercourse, two gorgeous footmen and a somber, sublime, and, in one word, episcopal, butler; all three went about as softly as cats after a robin, and conjured one plate away, and smoothly insinuated another, and seemed models of grave discretion: but were known to be all ears, and bound by a secret oath to carry down each crumb of dialogue to the servants’ hall, for curious dissection and boisterous ridicule.


Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp by Annie Roe Carr

Author: Annie Roe Carr
Published: 1916
Language: English
Wordcount: 51,432 / 150 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.1
LoC Category: PZ

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Genres: Young Readers, Mystery/Detective

mong,” urged Nan. “Lots of the men earn only eight or nine dollars a week, and have families to support.”

“Well, of course, they don’t have to be supported as we are,” objected the easy-minded Bess. “Anyway my father says frugality should be taught to the poor just the same as reading and writing. They ought to learn how to save.”

“When you earn only just enough to supply your needs, and no more, how can you divide your income so as to hoard up any part of it?”

“Dear me! Don’t ask questions in political economy out of school, Nan!” cried Bess, forgetting that she had started the discussion herself. “I just HATE that study, and wish we didn’t have to take it! I can’t answer that question, anyway.”

“I’ll answer it then,” declared Nan. “If you are a mill-hand your stomach won’t let you save money. There probably won’t be a dozen families affected by this shut-down who have more than ten dollars saved.”

“Goodness! You don’t mean that that’s true? Why, dad gives me that much to spend on mys

The Social Gangster by Arthur B. Reeve

Craig Kennedy, Jr. investigating a mysterious robbery, encounters a menacing condition peculiar to the social life of young people in our great cities, the gravity of which does not seem to be properly appreciated. It is only when some indulgent mother, like Mrs. Brackett, discovers she has lost control over her daughter that she can be made to realize the wide responsibilities of parental training. In this case, the importance of a robbery dwindles before the far more appalling situation in the Brackett household, and, if not for Kennedy and his science, the distress of two devoted parents will be pitiful indeed.

Author: Arthur B. Reeve
Published: 1916
Language: English
Wordcount: 86,853 / 255 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70
LoC Category: PS
Series: Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective

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Genre: Mystery/Detective

well named. She was a striking girl, not much over nineteen surely, tall, lissome, precisely the figure that the modern dances must have been especially designed to set off. I watched her attentively. In fact I could scarcely believe the impression I was gaining of her.

Already one could actually see on her marks of dissipation. One does not readily think of a girl as sowing her wild oats. Yet they often do. This is one of the strange anomalies of the new freedom of woman. A few years ago such a place would have been neither so decent nor attractive. Now it was superficially both. To it went those who never would have dared overstep the strictly conventional in the evil days when the reformer was not abroad in the land.

I watched Gloria narrowly. Clearly here was an example of a girl attracted by the glamor of the life and flattery of its satellites. What the end of it all might be I preferred not to guess.

Craig was looking about at the variegated crowd. Suddenly he jogged my elbow. The

L’Affaire Lerouge by Emile Gaboriau

Author: Emile Gaboriau
Published: 1865
Language: French
Wordcount: 129,950 / 432 pg
LoC Category: PQ

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Genre: Mystery/Detective

drames de nos neveux. C’est assurément un habile homme, mais la persévérance lui manque et il est sujet à se laisser aveugler par une incroyable obstination. S’il perd une piste, il ne peut consentir à l’avouer, encore moins à revenir sur ses pas. D’ailleurs, plein d’audace et de sang-froid, il est impossible à déconcerter. D’une force herculéenne cachée sous des apparences grêles, il n’a jamais hésité à affronter les plus dangereux malfaiteurs.

Mais sa spécialité, sa gloire, son triomphe, c’est une mémoire des physionomies, si prodigieuse qu’elle passe les bornes du croyable. A-t-il vu une figure cinq minutes, c’est fini, elle est casée, elle lui appartient. Partout, en tout temps, il la reconnaîtra. Les impossibilités de lieux, les invraisemblances de circonstances, les plus incroyables déguisements ne le dérouteront pas. Cela tient, prétend-il

La corde au cou by Emile Gaboriau

Author: Emile Gaboriau
Published: 1873
Language: French
Wordcount: 169,981 / 585 pg
LoC Category: PQ

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Genre: Mystery/Detective

erre donner l’alarme.

–Vous revenez du Valpinson? lui demanda M. Séneschal.

–Oui, répondit le paysan.

–Comment va le comte de Claudieuse?

–Il a repris connaissance.

–Qu’a dit le médecin?

–Qu’il s’en tirera probablement. Et moi je cours chez le pharmacien chercher des remèdes.

Pour mieux entendre, M. Galpin-Daveline, le juge d’instruction, se penchait hors de la voiture.

–La rumeur publique accuse-t-elle quelqu’un? demanda-t-il.


–Et l’incendie?

–On a de l’eau, répondit le paysan, mais pas de pompes, que voulez-vous qu’on fasse!… Et le vent qui redouble!… Ah! quel malheur, quel malheur!

Et il piqua des deux, pendant que M. Séneschal rouait de coups son pauvre cheval, lequel, sous ce traitement extraordinaire, loin d’avancer plus vite, se cabrait et faisait des bonds de côté.

C’est que l’excellent maire était exaspéré. C’est que ce crime lui paraissait comme un défi à son adresse et la plus cruelle injure qu’on pût faire à son administration.


The Wharf by the Docks by Florence Warden

Author: Florence Warden
Published: 1896
Language: English
Wordcount: 68,527 / 198 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 89
LoC Category: PN

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Genres: Mystery/Detective, Fiction and Literature

ossible. While if you persist–“

But Mr. Wedmore interrupted her, not harshly, as he would have done anybody else, but with decision.

“You must trust me to know best, my dear. It is better for you both that we should come to some understanding. Haselden, you’ll excuse me for half an hour, won’t you? And you, Doreen,” and he turned again to his daughter, “stay with the doctor here, and try to talk sense till I come back again.”

And Mr. Wedmore went quickly out of the room, without giving the girl a chance of saying anything more.



Doreen’s bright face lost a little of its color and much of its gayety as her father disappeared. The doctor felt sorry for her.

“Come, come; cheer up, my dear,” he said. “If he loves you honestly, and I don’t know how he can fail to do so, a few words with your father will put matters all right. There is nothing to look so sad about, I thi

Whispering Wires by Henry Leverage

An ingenious mystery, its theme a criminal’s revenge upon a conscienceless financier. He is shot after a telephone warning and the story has to do with the saving of his daughter from a similar fate.

Author: Henry Leverage
Published: 1918
Language: English
Wordcount: 66,075 / 199 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 90.3
LoC Category: PS

Downloads: 832
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Genre: Mystery/Detective

Drew reached across the table and clutched the magnate’s left wrist. He pulled out a flat watch and timed the pulse. “Normal, almost,” he said softly. “You’re normal, despite the shock. Your temperature is fair. I don’t think it was a toxin he meant. That deadens a man and brings slow coma.”

“Well, what did he mean?” The magnate had found his voice and his old-time nerve. “What would you do in my case?” he said cunningly.

Drew glanced at the telephone. He raised his brows and swung, full-staring, upon Stockbridge. His finger pointed between the money-king’s eyes. It was as steady as an automatic revolver.

“Did you recognize that voice?” he asked sharply. “Tell me the facts. I can’t go ahead unless you do. I must work from facts!”

“No!” declared Stockbridge. “No, I did not! I never heard it before. I—-“

“What was it like?”

“Hollow-whispering–almost feminine in tone. I thought it was a woman at first. It wasn’t, though! It was a man or boy.”

“Have yo

The Camera Fiend by E.W. Hornung

The fascinating subject of Psychic Photography, combined with a thrilling detective story and a boy and girl romance, produces a book that portrays the real enthusiasm and mad devotion of a true photographer to his work, and holds the interest of its readers throughout.

Author: E.W. Hornung
Published: 1911
Language: English
Wordcount: 72,747 / 206 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73
LoC Category: PR

Downloads: 4,661
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Genres: Fiction and Literature, Mystery/Detective, Occult

only two things in the window that interested him at all, and they were not both temptations. One was an old rosewood camera, and Pocket was interested in cameras old and new; but the thing that tempted him was a little revolver at five-and-six, with what looked like a box of cartridges beside it, apparently thrown in for the price. A revolver to take back to school! A revolver to fire in picked places on the slow walks with a slow companion which were all the exercise this unfortunate fellow could take! A revolver and cartridges complete, so that one could try it now, in no time, with Guy and Vivian at the end of their garden in St. John’s Wood Park! And all very likely for five bob if one bargained a bit!

Pocket took out his purse and saw what a hole the expenditure of any such sum would make. But what was that if it filled a gap in his life? Of coure it would have been breaking a school rule, but he was prepared to take the consequences if found out; it need not involve his notion of dishonour. Stil