Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 4, No. 21, July, 1859 by Various Authors

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1859
Language: English
Wordcount: 92,791 / 273 pg
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modern South Carolina “sound and fury,” gave public notice, that, if the treaty entered into by “that damned arch traitor, John Jay, with the British tyrant should be ratified, a petition will be presented to the next General Assembly of Virginia praying that the said State may recede from the Union, and be left under the government and protection of one hundred thousand free and independent Virginians!” A meeting at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, resolved, “that it was weary of the tardiness of Congress in not going to war with England, and that they were almost ready to wish for a state of revolution and the guillotine of France for a short space, in order to punish the miscreants who enervate and disgrace the government.” Mr. Jefferson’s opinion of the treaty is well known from his rhetorical letter to Rutledge, which, in two or three lines, contains the adjectives, _unnecessary, impolitic, dangerous, dishonorable, disadvantageous, humiliating, disgraceful, improper, monarchical, impeachable_. The Mazze

Scientific American Supplement, No. 401 by Various Authors

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Published: 1883
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ttled on the subject and carefully dusted the negative, as well as placed it in situ for reproduction, the next thing required is a suitable collodion, and the following will be found all that can be desired:


Cotton. 3 drachms. Iodide of cadmium. 65 grains. Ammonium iodide. 25 ” Bromide of cadmium. 19 ” Ammonium bromide. 11 ” Alcohol. 15 ounces. Ether. 15 “

The plate thoroughly cleaned and coated with the collodion is now transferred to a bath, as follows:

Nitrate of silver (common) 25 grains to the ounce.

Made slightly acid with nitric acid.

After sensitizing, the plate is exposed in the usual way and taken to the room where pictures are ordinarily developed, and quantum suff. of the following poured into the developing cup to bring out the image:


A Winchester of water, i.e. 80 ounces. Protosulphate

The Idler Magazine, Volume III., July 1893 by Various Authors

The Woman of the Saeter. By Jerome K. Jerome.
Alphonse Daudet at Home. By Marie Adelaide Belloc.
The Dismal Throng. By Robert Buchanan.
In the Hands of Jefferson. By Eden Phillpotts.
My First Book. By I. Zangwill.
By the Light of the Lamp. By Hilda Newman.
Memoirs of a Female Nihilist. III.–One Day. By Sophie Wassilieff.
A Slave of the Ring. By Alfred Berlyn.
People I Have Never Met. By Scott Rankin.
The Idler’s Club “Tipping.”

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1893
Language: English
Wordcount: 33,043 / 101 pg
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er face. I took off my cap, and called out a good-night to her, but she never moved or spoke. Then, God knows why, for my brain was full of other thoughts at the time, a clammy chill crept over me, and my tongue grew dry and parched. I stood rooted to the spot, staring at her across the yawning gorge that divided us, and slowly she moved away, and passed into the gloom; and I continued my way. I have said nothing to Muriel, and shall not. The effect the story has had upon myself warns me not to.”

From a letter dated eleven days later:

“She has come. I have known she would since that evening I saw her on the mountain, and last night she came, and we have sat and looked into each other’s eyes. You will say, of course, that I am mad–that I have not recovered from my fever–that I have been working too hard–that I have heard a foolish tale, and that it has filled my overstrung brain with foolish fancies–I have told myself all that. But the thing came, nevertheless–a creature of flesh an

Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 3, No. 20, June, 1859 by Various Authors

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1859
Language: English
Wordcount: 83,337 / 246 pg
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_Poet._ Ay, that’s well known:– But what particular rarity? what strange, That manifold record not matches? See,

And we fancy him waving his hand in an enthusiastic manner,–

Magic of bounty! all these spirits thy power Hath conjured to attend.

Which manner is only a high-flowing habit, for he adds in the same breath, dropping his figure suddenly,–

I know the merchant. _Painter._ I know them both; t’other’s a jeweller.

It is certainly natural that painters should know jewellers,–and, perhaps, that poets should be able to recognize merchants, though the converse might not hold. We now know who the next speakers are, and soon distinguish them.

_Merchant._ Oh, ’tis a worthy lord! _Jeweller._ Nay, that’s most fixed. _Merchant._ A most incomparable man; breathed as it were To an untirable and continuate goodness: He passes. _Jeweller. _I have a jewel here.

The Jeweller being known, the Merchant is; and, it will be noticed that the first speaks

Atlantic Monthly by Various Authors

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1858
Language: English
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etical topographer such honors abounded. Not only was he gratified with the zealous labors of Selden in illustration of the “Polyolbion,” but his death was lamented in verse of Jonson, upon marble supplied by the Countess of Dorset:–

“Do, pious marble, let thy readers know What they and what their children owe To Drayton’s name, whose sacred dust We recommend unto thy trust. Protect his memory, and preserve his story; Remain a lasting monument of his glory: And when thy ruins shall disclaim To be the treasurer of his name, His name, that cannot fade, shall be An everlasting monument to thee.”

The Laureateship, we thus discover, had not, down to the days of James, become an institution. Our mythical series shrink from close scrutiny. But in the gayeties of the court of the Stuarts arose occasion for the continuous and profitable employment of a court-poet, and there was enough thrift in the king to see the advantage of securing the service for a certain small annuity, rather than b

Harper’s Young People, April 13, 1880 by Various Authors

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1880
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ssuaded him, and they made the best of their way to Dover, which they reached after a very weary journey. There Nancy, who considered it safer to absent herself from home while the British retained possession of Wilmington, found herself the heroine of the hour; and she was fêted and dined and made much of, until it would have completely turned a less sensible little head than hers.

In after-years, when her husband presented her to President Washington, “Ah, Mistress Tilton,” said his Excellency, “your husband should indeed value an affection that not only endangered a life, but even sacrificed a fine silk petticoat, for his sake.”


[1] The Smoke-House was a small stone structure something like a sentry-box, only with an iron door and grated windows. In this negroes, petty criminals, vagrants, and drunkards were confined. It stood at the junction of the two most important streets of the town.

[2] Newcastle County, Delaware, formerly a portion of Penn’s Proprietary G

Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 8, No. 49, November, 1861 by Various Authors

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1861
Language: English
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peedily removed to Nohant, in the heart of Berry, which henceforth figures as the homestead in the pages of these volumes. But Maurice is soon obliged to adopt a profession. His mother’s revenues have been considerably diminished by the political troubles. He feels in himself the power, the determination, to carve out a career for himself, and gallantly enters, as a simple soldier, the armies of the Republic,–Napoleon Bonaparte being First Consul. Although he soon saw service, his promotion seems to have been slow and difficult. He was full of military ardor, and laborious in acquiring the science of his profession; but there were already so many candidates for every smallest distinction, and Maurice was no courtier, to help out his deserts with a little fortunate flattery. He complains in his letters that the tide has already turned, and that even in the army diplomacy fares better than real bravery. Still, he soon rose from the ranks, served with honor on the Rhine and in Italy, and became finally attached

Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 8, No. 50, December, 1861 by Various Authors

Author: Various Authors
Published: 1861
Language: English
Wordcount: 85,609 / 250 pg
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nal countrymen, not quite so satisfactory as the first, but at least with its amusing, or rather its laughable side. I was living in Siena, a quiet old Tuscan town, with barely fifteen thousand inhabitants to occupy a circuit of wall that had once held fifty,–but with all the remains of its former greatness about it, noble palaces, a cathedral second in beauty to that of Milan alone, churches filled with fine pictures, an excellent public library, (God’s blessing be upon it, for it was in one of its dreamy alcoves that I first read Dante,) a good opera in the summer, and good society all the year round. Month was gliding after month in happy succession. I had dropped readily into the tranquil round of the daily life, had formed many acquaintances and two or three intimate ones, and, though reminded from time to time of the General by a paternal letter, had altogether forgotten the specimens of the children of the forest whom I had seen under his roof. One evening–I do not remember the month, though I think