The Airlords of Han by Philip Francis Nowlan

It was no accident that Buck Rogers became an almost instantaneous success as a comic strip. Behind its creation was one of the most logical, scientifically planned “worlds of if” ever conceived. The re-presentation of these original Buck Rogers stories secures for Philip Francis Nowlan the important place he deserves as a shaper of modern science fiction.

Author: Philip Francis Nowlan
Published: 1928
Language: English
Wordcount: 31,801 / 101 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 59.2
LoC Category: PS
Series: Armageddon 2419

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Genre: Science Fiction

ry in our advance on Nu-Yok.

Fortunately our contact guard had been able to leap into the upper branches of a tree without being discovered by the Bad Bloods, for their discipline was lax and their guard careless. She overheard enough of the conversation of their Bosses around the camp fire beneath her to indicate the general nature of the Han plans.

After several hours she was able to leap away unobserved through the topmost branches of the trees, and after putting several miles between herself and their camp, she ultrophoned a full report to her Contact Boss back in the Wyoming Valley. My own Ultrophone Field Boss picked up the message and brought the graph record of it to me at once.

Her report was likewise picked up by the Bosses of the various Gang units in our line, and we had called a council to discuss our plans by word of mouth.

We were gathered in a sheltered glade on the eastern slope of First Mountain on a balmy night in May. Far to the east, across the forested slopes

The Air Trust by George Allan England

The story of a billionaire, the most sinister and cruel mind ever evolved, who attempts to control the very air people breathe, and the violent consequences of his ambition and greed.

Author: George Allan England
Published: 1915
Language: English
Wordcount: 80,726 / 245 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82
LoC Category: PR

Downloads: 2,417
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Genre: Science Fiction

h was as mirthful as a grave-yard raven’s croak. “Nothing to it, old man. Forget it, and stick to–“

“Of course! I might have expected as much from you!” retorted the Billionaire tartly. “You’ve got neither imagination nor–“

“Nor any fancy for wild-goose chases,” said Waldron, easily, as he sat down in the big leather chair. “Air? Hot air, Flint! No, no, it won’t do! Nothing to it nothing at all.”

For a moment the Billionaire regarded him with a look of intense irritation. His thin lips moved, as though to emit some caustic answer; but he managed to keep silence. The two men looked at each other, a long minute; then Flint began again:

“Listen, now, and keep still! The idea came to me not an hour ago, this morning, looking over the city, here. We’ve got a finger on everything but the atmosphere, the most important thing of all. If we could control that–“

“Of course, I understand,” interrupted the other, blowing a ring of smoke. “Unlimited power and so on. Looks ver

The War of the Wenuses by C.L. Graves

Author: C.L. Graves
Co-author: E.V. Lucas
Published: 1898
Language: English
Wordcount: 12,315 / 43 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 75.6
LoC Category: PS

Downloads: 719
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Genre: Science Fiction

urned my back on the centre of attraction. I saw, however, that Pendriver was using his spade to cleave his way to the Wenuses; and Swears was standing on the brink of the pit transfixed with adoration; while a young shopman from Woking, in town for the day, completely lost his head. It came bobbing over the grass to my very feet; but I remembered the experiences of Pollock and the Porroh man and let it go.

The news of our visitors seemed to have spread by some subtle magic, for in every direction I could see nothing but running men, some with women pulling at their sleeves and coat-tails to detain them, advancing by great strides towards us. Even a policeman was among them, rubbing his eyes. My wife broke through the crowd and grasped me firmly by the arm.

“Pozzy,” she said, “this is my opportunity and I mean to use it. I was kept doing nothing between pages 68 and 296 of the other book, and this time I mean to work. Look at these fools rushing to their doom. In another moment they will be mash

The Flying Legion by George Allan England

Author: George Allan England
Published: 1920
Language: English
Wordcount: 109,221 / 334 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 79.8
LoC Category: PS

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Genres: War, Science Fiction

l, that idea!” the Master exclaimed. Then he fell silent again. He pressed his questions no further, concerning the great Central Desert of the land. To have done so, he knew, would have been entirely futile. Beyond a certain point, which he could gauge accurately, neither gold nor fire would drive Rrisa. The Arab would at any hour of night or day have laid down his life for the Master; but though it should mean death he would not break the rites of his faith, nor touch the cursed flesh of a pig, nor drink the forbidden drop of wine, nor yet betray the secret of his land.

All at once the Arab spoke, in slow, grave tones.

“Your God is not my God, Master,” said he, impersonally. “No, the God of your people is not the God of mine. We have our own; and the land is ours, too. None of the Nasara may come thither, and live. Three came, that I have heard of, and–they died. I crave my Master’s bidding to depart.”

“Presently, yea,” the Master answered. “But I have one more question for th

Across the Zodiac by Percy Greg

Author: Percy Greg
Published: 1880
Language: English
Wordcount: 165,671 / 476 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 46.7
LoC Category: PS

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Genre: Science Fiction

ssippi. I was unable to return before the surrender, and, for reasons into which I need not enter, I believed myself to be marked out by the Federal Government for vengeance. If I had remained within their reach, I might have shared the fate of Wirz and other victims of calumnies which, once put in circulation during the war, their official authors dared not retract at its close. Now I and others, who, if captured in 1865, might probably have been hanged, are neither molested nor even suspected of any other offence than that of fighting, as our opponents fought, for the State to which our allegiance was due. However, I thought it necessary to escape before the final surrender of our forces beyond the Mississippi. I made my way to Mexico, and, like one or two Southern officers of greater distinction than myself, entered the service of the Emperor Maximilian, not as mere soldiers of fortune, but because, knowing better than any but her Southern neighbours knew it the miserable anarchy of Mexico under the Republ

Het Geheimzinnige Eiland by Jules Verne

Author: Jules Verne
Published: 1915
Language: Dutch
Wordcount: 74,559 / 235 pg
LoC Category: PT

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Genre: Science Fiction

maar blijkbaar was de ingenieur er geheel mede vervuld.

Het bleef de maand Juli regenachtig en koud. De temperatuur daalde niet zoo sterk als den vorigen winter en het laagste was acht graden Fahrenheit, maar was het dien winter al minder koud, de stormen en windvlagen waren heviger.

Gedurende die stormen was het moeielijk zich op de wegen van het eiland te wagen, zelfs gevaarlijk, want er vielen onophoudelijk boomen. De kolonisten lieten echter nooit een week voorbijgaan zonder de kraal te bezoeken. Gelukkig werd deze door den berg Franklin beschut en leed zij weinig van de stormen. Het pluimgedierte op de bergvlakte was echter minder veilig, daar het blootgesteld was aan den oostenwind; het dak van de duiventil werd afgerukt door een windvlaag en een muur neergeslagen. Alles moest hersteld worden, maar steviger, want men zag wel in, dat Lincoln in een van de meest woeste streken der Stille Zee gelegen was.

In de eerste week van Augustus bedaarde de storm en de dampkring herkreeg die ka

Vuonna 2000 by Edward Bellamy

Translation by J.K. Kari

Author: Edward Bellamy
Published: 1902
Language: Finnish
Wordcount: 72,497 / 313 pg
LoC Category: PS

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Genres: Science Fiction, Fiction and Literature

inen kummallinen rakenne, ja hameen takapuolelle oli keinotekoisesti muodostettu tavaton lisäke, joka rumensi ihmisruumista enemmän kuin mikään aikaisempi neulojattarien keksintö. Miten voi kuvitellakaan, että kukaan olisi miellyttävä sellaisessa puvussa!» Väitös pitää kyllä paikkansa, enkä voi vastata siihen muuta, kuin huomauttaa, että kahdennenkymmenennen vuosisadan naiset kyllä ovat todistuksena siitä, kuinka sopiva puku korottaa naisen miellyttäväisyyttä, mutta sen nojalla, mitä muistan heidän äitiensä äiteistä, voin minä puolestani väittää, ettei minkäänlainen puku, kuinka muodoton ja rumentava se lieneekin, voi tykkänään riistää heidän viehättäväisyyttään.

Meidän vihkiäisemme oli määrätty tapahtuvaksi heti, kun uusi taloni, jota parhaallaan rakennutin erääseen hienoimpaan kaupunginosaan, oli valmistunut. Hienolla kaupunginosalla tarkoitan rikasten asumia kortteleita, sillä meidän on muistettava, ettei Bostonin kaupunginosien miellyttävyys riippunut siihen aikaan luonnonsuhteista, vaan siitä, minkäla

Aikakone by H.G. Wells

Author: H.G. Wells
Published: 1917
Language: Finnish
Wordcount: 29,138 / 125 pg

Downloads: 634
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Genre: Science Fiction

sormellaan tuota osaa.

“Tässä on myöskin pieni valkoinen vipu ja tässä toinen”.

Lääkäri nousi tuoliltaan tirkistellen esinettä.

“Se on sievää tekoa”, hän sanoi.

“Sen valmistaminen vei kaksi vuotta “, vastasi aikakulkija. Kun me kaikin sitten olimme jäljitelleet lääkärin toimenpidettä, sanoi hän:

“Nyt toivon teidän kaikkien selvästi käsittävän, että tämä vipu painettaessa panee koneen lipumaan tulevaisuuteen, ja tämä toinen päinvastaiseen suuntaan. Tämä satula tässä on aikakulkijan istuin. Nyt aion painaa vipua, ja pois on kone kiitävä. Se häipyy näkyvistä, kulkee tulevaisuuteen ja katoaa. Katsokaa tarkoin konetta, katsokaa pöytääkin vakuuttautuaksenne siitä, ettei mikään petkutus ole kyseessä. En halua että minua, kun olen mallini menettänyt,